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Access Analytical is an SCDHEC certified laboratory focusing on the analysis of potable and non-potable  waters, waste water, groundwater and soil.

Our mission is to be the premier source of laboratory testing services in the Southeast.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients ranging from homeowners to large industries and municipalities.

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Access fee structure changes as of 08.01.2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018Access Analytical

PLEASE NOTE: On August 1st, 2018 Access Analytical will be adding a 5% Regulatory Compliance Fee to all outgoing invoices. A memo regarding this change in fee structure was emailed our to clients on 07.24.18.  A copy of the letter is as follows:

July 24th , 2018 

TO                  All Access Analytical Clients 
FROM            Ashley B. Amick, General Manager  
RE                 Upcoming Regulatory Compliance Fee 

 All Access Analytical Clients:

Hopefully this correspondence finds all of you doing well and enjoying a prosperous 2018.  We are writing to let you know about a small fee structure change that will be put in place in the near future.  On August 1st   Access Analytical will begin adding a 5% Regulatory Compliance Fee to all outgoing invoices.  This fee is being added to help offset the ever-increasing costs that we incur doing business as a certified laboratory.  The fee is intended to help cover expenses such as: 

    Maintaining state certification of our laboratory and all of the associated ancillary costs.  These costs are items such as DHEC certification fees,     annual PE sample costs, upkeep of QC/QA documentation, etc..         
     Proper disposal of laboratory waste generated from various analytical procedures, disposal of completed water and/or soil samples, waste acid  disposal, etc..          
    Maintaining compliance with all current health and safety regulations needed to maintain a safe work environment for employees and minimize             environmental pollution from laboratory operations. 
 Rest assured that we do not take any decision to increase fees lightly and have put a great deal of thought into this decision.  In the end, we feel that attention to the above items simply cannot be compromised and a small price increase is our only option in this case.  I hope everyone can appreciate our position on this matter.  If you have any questions at all I can be reached via telephone at 803-454-8983 or via email at   aamick @ axs-inc.com  

Best Regards,   

 Ashley B Amick 
General Manager    
Access Analytical, Inc.