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Access Analytical offers a very broad array of laboratory testing services for your environmental samples. There is almost no project scope beyond our capabilities. Access Analytical maintains certifications for routinely requested field and/or short holding time parameters while our partner laboratories are both state and nationally certified for almost any commonly requested analytes.

Our areas of expertise include analysis of water, soil and waste samples for Organics, Trace Metals, Inorganics, Biologicals and Dissolved Gases. A sampling of our typical project work is as follows:

I. Underground Storage Tank Contamination Monitoring

Access Analytical is very experienced with current SCDHEC testing requirements for UST sites. Typical analyses include BTEX/Napth/MTBE, 1,2-DCA, Oxygenates, PAH’s, Trace Metals, Dissolved Gases and various indicator parameters.  Access staff is also familiar with the complex QAPP guidelines that now govern all SC UST work and can help you navigate these requirements.

II. Assessment and Remediation Monitoring for RCRA Permitted Facilities

Groundwater and soil analysis for various industrial and manufacturing sites. Contaminants
monitored include volatiles, semivolatiles, pesticides, herbicides, metals, dioxins and
non-halogenated/non-aromatic solvents.

III. Landfill Monitoring

Numerous projects involving municipal and industrial landfill contamination. Quarterly and semiannual groundwater monitoring for Appendix I – Appendix IX parameters. Also perform analysis of landfill leachate and surface water samples for compliance monitoring of various indicator parameters including demands, nutrients and priority pollutants.

IV. Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Monitoring

Routine sampling and analysis for NPDES regulated facilities. Set up and sample collection of composite and grab samples and analysis for permitted parameters. Typical analyses include Trace Metals, Demands, Nutrients and Total Toxic Organics (TTO’s).

V. Asbestos Analysis

Provide both PLM and TEM analysis of building materials as well as water and wastewater samples for asbestos contamination.

VI. Drinking Water Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of potable water sources for all federally regulated contaminants. Project support for new well installations of public supply wells. Testing includes trihalomethanes, halogenated and aromatic volatile hydrocarbons, semivolatiles, carbamates, chlorinated, nitrogen/phosphorus pesticides, dioxins, radiologicals, bacteria, heavy metals, primary and secondary contaminants, chlorinated and water soluble herbicides, asbestos, dechlorination byproducts, solids and surfactants.

VII. Hazardous Waste Profiles

Profiling of industrial waste streams for hazardous waste charaterization including ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity. Routine analyses include flashpoint, TCLP, cyanide/sulfide reactivity, pH and/or corrosivity.

VIII. PCB Assessment and Monitoring

Various projects for assessment and remediation of PCB contaminated sites. Sample matrices include waters, soils, wipe samples and interior and exterior substrates.

IX. Property Assessment for Real Estate Transactions

Work with various environmental consultants, real estate agencies, law firms, insurance companies and lending institutions for real property site characterizations and Brownfields / VCC applications. Provide methodology recommendations based upon site history, adjacent property activities and future property usage. Soil and groundwater samples are analyzed for a variety of chemical compounds depending on potential contaminants associated with the historical or active processes on site or proximate off site considerations. Testing parameters typically fall within the scope of federal priority pollutants and/or TAL / TCL lists.

X. Legionella Monitoring Services

Access performs routine Legionella monitoring services for hospitals and long term healthcare facilities.  Our laboratory has the ability to to test both potable and non-potable water samples for the  Legionella pneumophila bacterium.  Access Analytical holds national accreditation for the analysis of Legionella pneumophila via The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).
  Access is the only lab in the eastern United States to hold this certification and one of only two labs in the country.  Access utilizes the IDEXX Legiolert culture method to rapidly detect Legionella pneumophila  in both potable and non-potable water samples from sources such as hot water heaters, cooling towers, condensers, spas, decorative fountains, etc..