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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Access Analytical - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
March 19, 2020 

All Access Analytical Clients, Vendors & Associates:  

Access Analytical, Inc. is taking the threat associated with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic very seriously.  The safety of our employees and their families, our clients and our vendors is of utmost importance.  We want everyone to be aware of several new policies that are now in place at Access Analytical as we all work through this unusual situation. We are:  
  • Asking anyone with the slightest sign of illness to not enter our facility.  
  • We have posted instructions at our front entrance that if you are ill to leave samples at the side door.  We will retrieve them and send copies of any associated paperwork (completed COC’s) via email. 
  • Asking employees to stay home if they feel at all sick and have a fever. 
  • Limiting interactions within the facility by not having group meetings, etc.. 
  • Providing employees and customers who do enter the building with hand sanitizer and/or wipes for routine use. Implementing a policy that all routinely used door handles, keyboards, sample storage unit handles and other high touch surfaces be cleaned at least once daily using anti-microbial wipes or alcohol. 
  • Front lobby areas are cleaned more often. 
  • Providing employees with directions about handwashing and other preventative hygiene measures as outlined by the CDC guidance documents available.
  • Limiting client access to the facility.  Clients will only be allowed to step inside the front lobby and leave samples on a designated table just inside the door.  This table is routinely disinfected several times each day.  
  • Monitoring the CDC website daily for any updated guidance and following those recommendations as they are issued. 

Additionally, we are having regular management assessments about the situation and discussing how to best maintain business continuity under a variety of possible circumstances. We are also: 

  • Taking steps to allow for effective implementation of employees working from home should that become necessary. 
  • Ordering additional supplies so that our consumables stock on hand is plentiful and not at risk of being depleted should shortages occur.  

Be assured that we are making behind the scenes preparation to ensure continued operational ability of our laboratory.  It is our goal that services not be interrupted and everyone remains healthy and safe.  


Ashley Amick 
Access Analytical, Inc.